Levels of Club Membership

1. Friend of the Club:
People who have made some sort of formal or informal contact with the club, perhaps most commonly through a friendship or acquaintance with a Club/Fool member, but who have not announced any intention of  membership. Friends of the club may decide to join the club on rides or attend other club functions and may do this on a very frequent or infrequent basis. The key distinction is that they have not expressed any intent to join the club. A friend of the club may be a bike rider, though this is not necessary. Friends of the club wear no official members patches and pay no dues. Friends must respect the founding values of Fool-On MCC and bring no embarrassment or negativity to the club or any member of the club.

2. Club Nominee:
This level of club membership consists of people who have stated an intention of joining the club but have not been presented to the club committee for a vote on their status yet. There is an “assessment period” and this may vary from person to person although it is normally three months. Anyone who intends to join the
Fool-On MCC must go through some assessment period. This is relatively informal for anyone who is interested in the club. Spending some time with club members, going on some club rides, etc. A time for the person to get a feel for the culture and if they fit in. It also allows the club to evaluate the nominee. A Club Nominee will usually be a rider with his/her own bike. This however, will not always be the case and is not absolutely necessary. The Club Nominee wears no official Club/Fool member patches and pays no dues, although can wear the friendly patches/merchandise offered by the club. Club Nominees are expected to show a level of respect to all members, non-members and the public and their property.


It is also possible for one to go from being a nominee to being a friend of the club. Usually occuring when the person, after hanging around the club for a while, decided they no longer wanted to join but still wanted to join in on club rides or events.

3. Club Member:
A Club Member is a Nominee that has been accepted by the Committee. (The Committee are members as elected by Fool Members.) They may be riding a motorcycle and possibly only on a Provisional/Learner License. They have the same support and level of respect in the club as a Fool Member. They have the right to wear Club Member patches and other official club merchandise bearing the official club colours. (With the exception of not being allowed to wear any patch that signifies them to be a Fool Member.) Not all Club Members become Fool Members, although it is to be encouraged. As it signifies that the Club Member as attained a motorcycle skill-set that allows them to obtain a full motorcycle license. A Club Member pays dues and is expected to contribute to the good of the club.

4. Fool Member:
A full patch member of the Fool-On MCC is someone who has been voted into the club by a majority of the Committee, as elected by Fool Members. A Fool member has demonstrated that they are capable motorcyclists and they believe in the principles of the club. They have the right to wear Fool member patches and other official club merchandise bearing the official club colours. A Fool member is expected to respect all members of Fool-On MCC and to show this same level of respect to any patch member of any other club. A Fool member knows and embodies the founding principles of Fool-On MCC.